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Animal advocacy print magazine House Rabbit Journal 
published Chelsea's article "From Grief to Grace" on pages 12-13 of the Winter 2016 issue, available for purchase

The Queer Tango Book published Chelsea's article 'Tango Con*Fusión turns 10'

The Queer Tango Book - Ideas, Images and Inspiration in the 21st Century 
Edited by Birthe Havmoeller, Ray Batchelor and Olaya Aramo 
Published by Queertangobook.org, March 2015
Ebook and PDF
ISBN 978-87-998024-0-1 (HTML)
ISBN 978-87-998024-1-8 (PDF)

In Dance, San Francisco's dance newsletter 

• published Chelsea's commentary on page 11 of May 2016 issue focused on Women in Dance

• published Chelsea's article 'Tangoing Through'on page 15 of the January/February 2011 issue
• published Chelsea's 'Favorite Dance Moment of 2008' on page 3 of the December 2008 issue:
One of my favorite dance teachers, Mary Rotella, once observed that we dance with most abandon alone, in our living rooms. In late September, I found myself dancing with my tango partner in Erin Mei-Ling Stuart’s living room – in an improvised installation performance for Stuart’s Keyhole Dances, set in her Victorian flat. When not a single roving audience member was peeping into our room, my right foot had an epiphany. It found a new ‘adorno,’ a fresh way to express itself within my 14-years-&-counting tango. Only the plants on the mantle may have noted my mini-breakthrough, but it was real. So was the setting. I had long hoped to work with Stuart, and I was… Calmed by the reminder that sometimes things do sort out and the dearly desired does happen, my recently shaken heart found reassurance. One second of movement, followed by a few seconds of awareness, restored me to peace – for a moment, anyway.

Chelsea Eng & Count Glover ~ Installation performance/ Keyhole Dances